Tango time!

Very few dances speak so much to me as much as the Tango does. I am sure everyone interprets the Tango in their own unique way, but for me, the Tango represents a courtship. The love-to-hate relationship between two people who are trying to get accustomed to one another.

The body positions in some of the movies appear as if the two are drawn together in a tight embrace, yet at the same time as if they are pushing each other away. Perhaps he had garlic for supper?

Perhaps they are staying close enough to each other to explore each other, yet far away enough to prevent pain and heartache. Sort-of like a cat and a dog if they have never been exposed to one another. Cautious, yet curious.

If you postulate that the above paragraph is true, then perhaps you will be able to see why I like the Tango so much. It is a cat and mouse game. So is courting someone. So is exploring each other. Finding that special one. Everybody say “I am tired of playing games” what they mean is “I am tired of playing games that make me sad or depressed.” There are good games, exciting games, that makes the courting process so interesting and fun.

Oh, and just for interest’s sake, apparently the Tango partially originated as a dance between two males. A challenge to a duel of some sorts. This is according to a Tango specialist in my ballroom dancing community, but a quick search to this matter on the web couldn’t confirm this. That may explain the pushing away part quite well, though!


Dancing. Ahh… What a wonderful pastime. Especially if it is with someone special. Dancing keeps you fit. It makes you SHINE! It makes you LIVE!

After my recent breakup, it took me some time to realize what it is that I missed the most about her. Her laugh, they way she looks at me when I am doing something romantic or special or any intimate or special moment together were good contenders for the crown. But tonight I have realized what I miss the most is the dancing! And of course the laughing while we danced. The funny moves we made, the I can like to has cheezburger moves.

Now you are probably asking what the heck an I can like to has cheezburger move is? Just read the sentence. It makes no sense. It sounds stupid, unintelligent, but nevertheless funny. That is the dance moves I am talking about! 😉

I can not wait to go dancing with my ex again. Yes, my ex. We had WONDERFUL times on the dance floor. I want those times back! Regardless of the fact that we are not together anymore.