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Welcome to Invisible Ink. This is the personal homepage of Kobus Myburgh, and here he will either entertain you (or sicken you) with petty philosophies, tasteless jokes or his curriculum vitae. Hopefully you will see something here that interests you.

Kobus Myburgh was born in 1975, and has been working in the IT industry for over 18 years and has gained vast experience in managing tertiary education computer systems and users, all aspects of web development, customer care, usability, accessibility and user experience improvements and running IT companies

Kobus holds a B. Sc. (cum laude) and a B. Sc. Honors degree through North-West University) and also various other professional qualifications, some of which are A+, ITIL Foundation, ITIL Practitioner in Release and Control, Web development through Working Webs, Software specialist (with distinction) through Boston Business College, attendance of Novell 6.0 CNA, Project Management through Astrotech Training, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux through Obsidian, in an effort to become a certified Red Hat Certified Engineer.

Kobus started his IT career in 1995, as a PC technician at a North-West university, and moving up in rank to IT consultant where he had various responsibilities, ranging from technician, anti-virus specialist, web development, student facilities planning and budgeting, as well as training and documentation production. Although using web development technologies since 2001, in 2009 he decided to focus solely on web development using PHP and associated technologies, such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, XML, SOAP and RESTful services.

Kobus Myburgh has been developing PHP driven systems since early 2001, and has exposure in various industries ranging from universities, advertising and marketing agencies, parastatal companies, and web development houses. These industries exposed him to the unique budget constraints, stakeholder dynamics and development conditions present in each industry, and this has enabled him to produce a wide array of systems ranging from front-end coding in HTML and CSS, eCommerce systems with integrated payment gateways, the development of his own CMS, and complete financial and workflow systems for making clients’ administration tasks more manageable.

Due to his varied exposure over many IT related positions over the past 18 years, Kobus is a well-rounded, technical individual, with a strong logical side, particularly adept at researching solutions where others see problems.

In 2012 Kobus started a second company, Impero Consulting (www.impero.co.za). Kobus’ strong focus on web development, customer service and entrepreneurship has guided him through various business ventures, several high profile development and consultation positions.

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