What does an open window and curtain tell you? As opposed to a dark room with curtains closed? Compare the two.

Open window and curtains. Fresh air and light. It invites you in. And usually, when your window is open so other people can see into your place, the place is relatively neat. You don’t want people to look into your bedroom window when your clothes are on the floor and your bed is not made?

Closed windows and curtains. Stale air, darkness, Wants you to stay out. Your place could be a mess, you could be ashamed of your place. You could, perhaps, be too lazy to clean it up. Or, you could simply be busy with private matters.

Using this physical comparison, we can bring it to bear on our every day lives. Are we open? Are we closed? Are we a source of light for other people? Do we shut them out? Do we keep to ourselves and appear grumpy all the time? Or do we smile and let people into our souls?

Some of us have been hurt so many times and deem others to be so untrustworthy, that we do not want to let them inside. This is particularly true of the love scorned.

Are you like that? Closed? Perhaps. What are your reasons? Is it because of being scorned, or perhaps you simply do not know how to invite people in? Whatever your reason is, work at letting people in. The ones you appreciate most will be the light that shines from your eyes if you do…