What are a few alphabet characters between friends?

Okay – I just got this traffic usage report from my service provider…

I wonder what could be wrong with this? I wonder how many of their customers have been overcharged? I wonder if this is how they make money?

Data Usage
Download Total : 1.35 GB
Upload Total : 910.69 MB
Total Traffic : 912.04 GB

The report above indicates that I have done over 912GB of transfer for the month so far, for a month not even 3 days old.

1.35GB download
910MB upload

How on earth do you get to 912GB total traffic? LOL! Hilarious! I wonder if they overcharge everyone like this?

I have had serious complaints about them before, which I posted at HelloPeter,com.

This, however, is where I am taking off the gloves and start to take action. I want my contract cancelled. After this, the ball is in their court to prove that they did NOT overcharge me (or anybody else for that matter).

I am DONE!