A song for every occasion…

I got the idea to write about this from a very special friend. Her suggestion was that there is a song for every occasion, every mood and every whim. Is that true? Let’s find out…

I can only speak from personal experience, and from a few hints dropped from others over time, but there is definitely truth in the Beatles song “Hey Jude” – “Take a sad song and make it better…”.

I wonder why you feel better when listening to a sad song? Or is it only a subgroup of people who feel better when they listen to sad songs? Perhaps it is the thing that subconsciously you feel better because you realize there are people out there who are more sad than you are at that time. Or maybe you are not quite that vindictive. Maybe the song makes you realize that you are not alone. What do you think?

Elton John says: “Sad songs, they say, sad songs, they say so much!” Perhaps that is the reason? When you are sad, you may be more perceptive to the words of the song. You can associate with the words better, you listen better. Could that be it?

But sad songs are for only one emotion. What about happy (feel-good) songs? What about philosophical songs? Religious songs? A very old song, by Katrina and the Waves, called “Walking on Sunshine” comes to mind. When I hear that song, no matter what mood I am in, I am ready to dance. ALWAYS. Bring me the biggest dance floor you can find, and bring it to me NOW! This seems to contradict the statement about sad songs written above. Perhaps two totally different songs can produce the same mood reaction? Perhaps one song can affect your mood in both ways, depending on your current mood, or when you listen to it?

But regardless what your feelings are about this observation, I am sure everyone agrees: music soothes the soul. Music does not only express your mood, but can change it. It can create a perception about you in other people. It can make you smile. You can fall in love to music, or you can have a break-up song. Music is LIFE!

Until the next time…

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