Shoes, beautiful shoes

Well, slap me with a wet noodle and call me George. This weekend for the first time, I experienced (and subsequently began to understand the tip of the iceberg regarding the experience) with women’s fascination with buying shoes.

So, she has five pairs of silver “pumps” (or whatever those are called) ¬†and 4 red pairs, 6 black pairs and maybe some blue and green pairs. She has about 12 pairs of shoes with varying degree of heel lengths, and she has various pairs of flat shoes which all look generally the same to me. I guess the reason I never did or never made an attempt to is simply because I always bought functional, cheap shoes. So what! It is a shoe! It works. Why make a big fuss out of the experience and the event?

I stand corrected. This weekend, I bought two pairs of shoes. Buying shoes is not the new experience, but WHAT I bought is certainly a new experience. I generally buy two new pairs of shoes every 6 months or so, but this time, my wife was with me, and she showed me the entire experience from start to finish. The process of first finding shoes that you think fits your style or likes, then the process of fitting them to your feet. (Why would you fit your shoes? Don’t be ridiculous! You know you wear a number 9 shoe! Right?). WRONG! I actually found that a number 10 shoe is now more comfortable. As I am a 36 year old male, I believe that my feet aren’t growing anymore, so it could mean I have worn the wrong shoe size for the majority of my adult life.

So, I have two new pairs of shoes. Both pairs are 1 size larger than I usually buy, and they cost more than double what I usually pay for shoes. At first, I had mixed feelings. I could have used that money better! Maybe I should have bought some shares with it, or maybe a nice bean bag for the lounge.

But today, all those doubts are gone. I have spent the money wisely. I am wearing a pair of Bronx loafers that costs about R 500.00 for the pair, and fits like a dream. For my more formal attire, I will certainly enjoy my soft, luxurious leather boots from Woolworths.

Although I have enough shoes in these two pairs to last me at least six months, I am looking forward to going shoe shopping again!

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