Pots and lids

When it comes to love, there is an old expression that states that every pot has its lid. We may call this the hypothesis. Well, you see, I have a problem with that philosophy. Here is my reasoning:

If we all believe that we are pots who has a lid out there somewhere, it means that all of us, men and women, are pots. This means that there are no lids out there. That makes sense, right? We are all pots, and therefor are no lids. So – if you want to believe my philosophy, you will immediately disprove the hypothesis.

But – just to prove that I am actually an optimist and that love does exist, I will take this philosophy of mine a step further and explain that the hypothesis is indeed false, but that my philosophy has a silver lining – you just need to look carefully.

If you take it as the truth that we are all pots, you may fall into dispair. But here is the thing! We are all pots, but some of us are small, some are medium, and some are large. When we meet our soulmate out there, we are simply two different sized pots getting together, and we fit snugly into each other. In other words, we become as one.

Now – after reading that explanation, I manage to explain everything except one little thing: of what use are two pots inside each other? You cannot cook with them. You cannot do ANYTHING decent with them in that state, except maybe neatly store them away in your cupboard. If you see this cupboard as your life, you can see yourselves as a unit when you are together in the cupboard, protecting your life together, and that you strengthen each other emotionally.

But – where is the real use? Here. When a cook cooks a scrumptuous meal, he takes out both pots, and use them each for their individual purposes. That symbolizes our own unique strengths and purposes. As man and woman (or whatever your inclination is) we all have our unique strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Together we cook up a symphony, and when we are done with our masterpiece, we go back to being snugly together in the cupboard.

You may feel that a cook can sometimes not cook something spectacular without a lid on the pot. Yes, you are absolutely right. But, I have already said that there are no lids in the world of romantic love. So, where do you get lids? Lids are your friends, children, family and pets. Abracadabra, the picture is complete. (I think…)

Hmmm… 🙂

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